Day Length/Moon Phase Locations

Through the course of this project you will collect data on sunrise/sunset, moon rise/moonset times, length of daylight hours, whether daylength is increasing or decreasing and the phase of the moon of a location assigned to you in class either on the 75W meridian of longitude or 40th parallel of latitude. Data will be recorded on a daily basis for 2 weeks. At the end of that time data for the entire class will be recorded for all students to analyze to investigate changes in these values and the impact of this information on the surface of the Earth.

Start by clicking on the location you were assigned on the table below. When recording the times of sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset you are to record the local time that is given on the website AND "your time". In order to convert the local time for your location into to our time in Middletown use the table below. For instance "Springfield Il 39.8° N 89.6° W - 1 hour" go to the site for springfield. What ever the time says for sunrise you would subtract 1 hour and record the result as "your time".

When your get to the Weather Underground page for your location scroll down until you see a box that looks like the image below

Sample data sheet- click here for a printable version

When drawing the moon phase, the following diagram will help!

Day Length/Moon Phase Project
Same Latitude Locations Time Difference Same Longitude Locations Time Difference
Middletown DE 39.5° N 75.7° W same Egedesminde, Greenland 68.7° N 52.8° W -2 hours
Pittsburgh Pa 40.4° N 79.9° W same Iqaluit Nunavut 63.8° N 68.5° W same
Columbus Ohio 40.1° N 83.0° W same Montreal Canada 45.5° N 73.8° W same
Springfield Il 39.8° N 89.6° W + 1 hour New York City NY 40.8° N 74.0° W same
Denver Colorado 39.8° N 105.1° W + 2 hours Philadelphia Pa 40.1° N 75.0° W same
Reno Nevada 39.5° N 119.8° W + 3 hours Middletown DE 39.5° N 75.7° W same!
Madrid Spain 40.5° N 3.5° W - 6 hours Wilmington NC 34.2° N 77.9° W same
Naples Italy 40.8° N 14.3° E - 6 hours Jacksonville FL 30.3° N 81.8° W same
Ankara Turkey 40.1° N 33.0° E - 7 hours Miami FL 25.8° N 80.3° same
Baku, Azerbaijan 40.5° N 50.0° E - 9 hours Havana Cuba 23.0° N 82.4° W same
Urumqi China 43.8° N 87.6° E - 12 hours San Juan PR 18.5° N 66.1° W same
Beijing China 39.9° N 116.3° E - 12 hours Caracas Venezuela 10.5° N 66.9° W same
Hamheung N. Korea 39.9° N 127.6° E - 11 hours Quito Ecuador 0.2° S 78.5° W + 1 hour
Akita, Japan 39.7° N 140.1° E -11 hours La Paz Bolivia 16.5° S 68.2° W same
Karabogazkel, Turkmenistan 41.0 N 52.9 E -9 hours Cordoba Argentina 31.3° S 64.2° W - 1 hour
St. Joseph MO 39.8° N 94.8° W +1 hour Valdivia Chile 39.6° S 73.1° W same
Kashi, Xinjiang Uygur 39.5 N 76.0 E -12 Rio Gallegos Argentina 51.6° S 69.3° W - 1 hour
Cornwall, New York 41.4N 74 W same